We have extensive experience providing custom software for metrology applications. These include:

Application programming for users of View Engineering® vision systems:.

We've been providing this service to View users for nearly 20 years (and yes, we speak SUI). We understand the strengths
and limitations of vision technology. We are responsible for code and code maintenance for mission-critical multi-machine
installations. Coupled with our fixture experience, we have the capability of greatly reducing the uncertainties of vision
system implementation.

User interfaces for gages and other industrial systems:

On gages which use a PC for control, our Vbasic user interfaces streamline operator tasks, provide password protected
configuration utilities and generally give a system the kind of custom features that reduce operator training requirements and
facilitate acceptance by production personnel.

Control software for automated systems:

We can provide control software to integrate industrial systems using PC's in combination with PLCs and other embedded
controllers. We have provided code for data management/database upload, closed loop control and complex calculation
based on measurement data.

Custom interfaces to adapt off-the shelf gages to specific, geometrically complex applications:

Integrating PCs with off-the shelf metrology systems, such as laser micrometers or electronic height gages, we can
automate complex gaging sequences.

Retrofitting older gaging systems with more current sensor/electronic/software/control packages.

Many times the basic mechanics of older gages is usable, but the electronic systems have become difficult or impossible to
maintain. Or maybe you've even found larger gage houses to be unresponsive when it comes to maintaining older units.
Nah, that never happens. We can help with refurbishment and updating of older systems, giving you the open archetecture of
PC/VB based systems that are maintainable.

Hardware/Firmware integration:

We have the capability to design and produce small, purpose-built electronic devices, specializing in metrology appications.
These are often the basis for our hand-held gages. Battery power and RF communications are available features.

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