Vision system integration is one of our greatest strengths. We have extensive
experience providing fixtures for off-line vision systems and single source
fixture/application programming support for the full range of vision systems from
View Engineering®. We understand lighting, optics and their interaction with fixture

As with our CMM fixtures, some of our most successful applications involve enabling
rapid change of multi-part fixtures, keeping expensive measuring systems in
operation, with longer untended intervals. Our proprietary quick release allows
instant attachment and removal of fixture tooling and ultra precise positioning. You
may hear that fixture precision is not required for vision inspection systems.
Experience has taught us otherwise, that it can be a big problem solver, especially
on correlation issues.

We have adapted off-line systems with fixtures that include motion control, mirrors
and contact sensors to greatly extend their capabilities.

We can also design and integrate custom vision systems for on and off-line
applications, using camera technology from Cognex, DVT and others. We have
designed and built vision-system part handlers with feed rates of up to 7
parts/second. We can help with dimensional, as well as flaw detection applications.
Please talk to us about your requirements.
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